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Hearts Are Wild

Elvis may no longer be among the living, but he hasn't left the building.

Featured Tracks: Hearts Are Wild

Heat Lightning

Featuring a Colt .45 once owned by Elvis and a man who loved two women.

Featured Tracks: The Elvis In Me, Ordinary Life, My Man, Sit And Spin

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A Midsummer Night's Dream -- The Rock Musical

Rock 'n Roll Shakespeare

Featured Tracks: When You Kiss Me, A Good Romance, My Crazy Love, Let's Fall In Love

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FAB! A Musical Poptoon

It's 1964 in small-town America and Rory is determined to be the Fifth Beatle.

Featured Tracks: Dear Mr. Epstein, Stay Outta My Dreams, So Fab

Transmitter Man

What if your thoughts created the music of a revolution and all you wanted was a double latte?

Featured Tracks: Ominous Cloud, I'm Never Bored When It Rains, Come Inside, Owen, Hide And Seek

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George Griggs Solo

Recent solo recordings by George.

Featured Tracks: My Last Crawl, Then A Big Boy Came And Knocked It Down

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