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FAB! A Musical Poptoon

It’s 1964. Beatlemaina has struck Amherst, MA. Nobody's more Beatle crazy than teenaged RORY who wants to become the fifth Beatle. 
Rory wears a Beatle hair cut, Beatle Boots, Beatle suits, uses pimple cream and is discovering guitars and girls. He dreams of joining his heroes -- The Fab Four -- as they rock the world. 
Rory’s life becomes a whirlwind as chance provides him an opportunity to meet The Beatles. Will he get the girl? Will he run out pimple cream? Will his guitar stay in tune? Will the Fab Four become the Fab Five?

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Hearts Are Wild

Elvis may no longer be among the living, but he hasn't left the building. An average guy who pursues the dream of turning into his rock icon: suburban angst, marriage and social mores also work their way into the mix.

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Heat Lightning

Song cycle with a southern gothic flavor. Infidelity has a price. Based on the Ovid story of Procris and Sephylus. In the musical styles of Nick Cave, Lucinda Williams, and Springsteen.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

A modern adaptation of the Shakespearean comedy. Fickle teenage love, magic and moonlight.

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Radio Play
Transmitter Man

Takes place in the not-so-distant future. In this Orwellean world, a single multinational corporation controls the government and the airwaves. An ordinary man, suddenly and unknowingly, begins transmitting his thoughts through song onto every radio station in the nation. He becomes a reluctant hero who transcends all physical barriers.

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